Electro Mind Melt Archives

Here is an updated list of links to archived copies of my mixes from SPRadio.

Electro Mind Melt 11.14.2009
Electro Mind Melt 09.19.2009
Electro Mind Melt 08.22.2009
Electro Mind Melt 08.15.2009


Electro Mind Melt 11.14.09

After a short break, I am back with a DJ set playing on Spiritplants Radio tonight.. It is the anniversary month of the radio station, so there are a lot of cool shows being aired.

Anyways, here is the playlist for tonights show:

1.  Juno Reactor             - Feel the universe
2.  Haldolium                 - Be Real
3.  Psychaos                  - Science Fiction
4.  The Chemical Mafia  - Psycho Killer
5.  1200 Mics                - Stoned Henge
6.  Infected Mushroom  - Never Ever Land
7.  Astrix                       - Vision
8.  Yahel                       - We Know
9.  Infected Mushroom  - Scorpion Frog
10. Vibe Tribe               - Rearranged
11. Point                        - Alien Intelligence (Rmx)
12. Astral Projection      - Anything is possible
13. Mandylion               - Last Stopp Detox
14. Genetic Spin            - Lowrider (Frogakult Mix)
15. Shpongle                 - My Head Feels Like A Frisbee
16. Hallucinogen           - Alpha Centauri


tweeking the phaser

Ive been away on vacation and now that I am back, I am in the process modifying the toy phaser gun. I am going to add an on-board speaker kill switch, and possibly a volume knob. Will add some photos soon.


Circuit bent Phaser

I uploaded a 5 minute demo of a circuit bent phaser gun toy I have been playing with. The phaser gun toy has just the single trigger, a pitch knob, a few touch contacts, and a output jack. (I didnt bend this myself, but it is a good one!)                     

(I need to reupload this somewhere)   


Electro Mind Melt 9.19.09

Here's the playlist for today's set.

1.  Wisp             - The Old Mountain Pass
2.  Plaid            - Crumax rins
3.  Kid 606          - Love It Like You Stole It
4.  Aphex Twin       - Meltphace 6
5.  Bogdan Raczynski - Why? Why?
6.  Wisp             - Holiday behind glass
7.  Frog Pocket      - Loogy Nippo-Gary
8.  Cex              - It's all about guilt
9.  Kid 606          - Live Acid Jam
10. Ochre            - Drink malk
11. Squarepusher     - Plaistow flex out
12. Cex              - Florida [is shaped like a big droopy dick for a reason]


Electro Mind Melt coming up!

The next installment of Electro Mind Melt will be 9.19.09 and 9.20.09.
On Saturday it will air at 2pm, and on Sunday at 5:30 am and again at 12 pm (pacific US time).
Tune in! @ SpiritPlants Radio.


Electro Mind Melt 08.22.09

One week following the first set, I made a second one. This originally aired 08.22.09 on Spirit Plants Radio. This had a somewhat more chill feel to it.

The track is available @ http://soundcloud.com/ignitrance/electro-mind-freeze-09-16-09

...and the playlist:

1.  kid koala             -  Temple of gloom 
2.  Funki Porcini       -  What are you looking at?
3.  DJ Vadim            -  This goes out
4.  Blockhead           -  11:35 
5.  DJ Food              -  The Dusk
6.  boards of canada -  Telephasix workshop
7.  mu-Ziq                -  Catkin and Teasel
8.  Mr Scruff            -   Fish
9.  Amon Tobin        -  Creatures
10. Kid Koala          -  A night at the nufonia 
11. DJ Food             -  Turtle soup
12. Cex                    -  Not trying
13. Telefon Tel Aviv -  What's the use...
14. Lusine icl            -  Threshold of Pain


Electro Mind Melt 08.15.09

The first DJ set I did for Spirit Plants Radio can be found at http://soundcloud.com/ignitrance/electromind-melt-with-dj-ignitrance             

It originally aired on 08.15.09.

Here is the playlist as well.
1. Cex                       - Well, I'm Sure it Made Sense to Caligula
2. DJ Starscream       - FFwd Rew
3. Xanopticon            - the slow walk down
4. Venetian Snares     - Punishing The Atoms
5. Otto Von Schirach - The Moon Of Christ Vs.The Illuminati Rep.
6. Electro Organic Sound System - Steaktippin' Free Range Mix
7. Kid 606                 - Who Wah Kill Sound?
8. Venetian Snares     - Aqap
9. ยต-Ziq                     - Approaching Menace
10. Venetian Snares   - Crashing the Yogurt Truck
11. Aphex Twin         - Omgyjya Switch7
12. Venetian Snares   - Nutimik
13. Kid 606               - Ass Scratch Beaver
14. Hrvatski               - Vatstep DSP

New blog day!

I am just setting up this blog. It will take a bit of time to get it the way I like. I will start out by sharing info about my previous DJ sets that have been aired on Spirit Plants Radio; found @ http://spfradio.yage.net/.

I have archived copies of my work at soundcloud.