Circuit bent Phaser

I uploaded a 5 minute demo of a circuit bent phaser gun toy I have been playing with. The phaser gun toy has just the single trigger, a pitch knob, a few touch contacts, and a output jack. (I didnt bend this myself, but it is a good one!)                     

(I need to reupload this somewhere)   


Electro Mind Melt 9.19.09

Here's the playlist for today's set.

1.  Wisp             - The Old Mountain Pass
2.  Plaid            - Crumax rins
3.  Kid 606          - Love It Like You Stole It
4.  Aphex Twin       - Meltphace 6
5.  Bogdan Raczynski - Why? Why?
6.  Wisp             - Holiday behind glass
7.  Frog Pocket      - Loogy Nippo-Gary
8.  Cex              - It's all about guilt
9.  Kid 606          - Live Acid Jam
10. Ochre            - Drink malk
11. Squarepusher     - Plaistow flex out
12. Cex              - Florida [is shaped like a big droopy dick for a reason]


Electro Mind Melt coming up!

The next installment of Electro Mind Melt will be 9.19.09 and 9.20.09.
On Saturday it will air at 2pm, and on Sunday at 5:30 am and again at 12 pm (pacific US time).
Tune in! @ SpiritPlants Radio.


Electro Mind Melt 08.22.09

One week following the first set, I made a second one. This originally aired 08.22.09 on Spirit Plants Radio. This had a somewhat more chill feel to it.

The track is available @ http://soundcloud.com/ignitrance/electro-mind-freeze-09-16-09

...and the playlist:

1.  kid koala             -  Temple of gloom 
2.  Funki Porcini       -  What are you looking at?
3.  DJ Vadim            -  This goes out
4.  Blockhead           -  11:35 
5.  DJ Food              -  The Dusk
6.  boards of canada -  Telephasix workshop
7.  mu-Ziq                -  Catkin and Teasel
8.  Mr Scruff            -   Fish
9.  Amon Tobin        -  Creatures
10. Kid Koala          -  A night at the nufonia 
11. DJ Food             -  Turtle soup
12. Cex                    -  Not trying
13. Telefon Tel Aviv -  What's the use...
14. Lusine icl            -  Threshold of Pain


Electro Mind Melt 08.15.09

The first DJ set I did for Spirit Plants Radio can be found at http://soundcloud.com/ignitrance/electromind-melt-with-dj-ignitrance             

It originally aired on 08.15.09.

Here is the playlist as well.
1. Cex                       - Well, I'm Sure it Made Sense to Caligula
2. DJ Starscream       - FFwd Rew
3. Xanopticon            - the slow walk down
4. Venetian Snares     - Punishing The Atoms
5. Otto Von Schirach - The Moon Of Christ Vs.The Illuminati Rep.
6. Electro Organic Sound System - Steaktippin' Free Range Mix
7. Kid 606                 - Who Wah Kill Sound?
8. Venetian Snares     - Aqap
9. ยต-Ziq                     - Approaching Menace
10. Venetian Snares   - Crashing the Yogurt Truck
11. Aphex Twin         - Omgyjya Switch7
12. Venetian Snares   - Nutimik
13. Kid 606               - Ass Scratch Beaver
14. Hrvatski               - Vatstep DSP

New blog day!

I am just setting up this blog. It will take a bit of time to get it the way I like. I will start out by sharing info about my previous DJ sets that have been aired on Spirit Plants Radio; found @ http://spfradio.yage.net/.

I have archived copies of my work at soundcloud.