breakcore show coming up..

Im slowly putting together a breakcore show. I will be done with it in time for the weekend of April 17th. listen for it, or check next weeks schedule at Spiritplants Radio, they are updated on Wednesday night or Thursday.  http://spfradio.yage.net/


Psytrance deux right now!

Here is the playlist for this weekend's show.

1.    Shpongle - Dorset Perception
2.    Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon (Original Mix)
3.    Oryx - Mount Neverest
4.    Phreaky - Paranormal Activity
5.    Astrix - Artcore
6.    Paranormal Attack - Technologic
7.    PHI - We can Go To Your Country
8.    Skazi - Fucking My Brain
9.    Infected Mushroom - Psycho
10. GMS - The Rescuers
11. PHI - Ganja Of It All
12. The Chemical Mafia - Greedy
13. Lemurians - Dub Drone
14. Chromosome - Entering Nirvana
15. Infected Mushroom - The Massenger
16. Younger Brother - All I want (Original Mix)



upcoming psytrance show

I have a 2 hour psytrance show coming up within the next week or so, as airtime permits.. I will post the playlist a bit closer to the air date.


'nother show soon-ish

I will be workin on putting together a few more shows in the weeks to come. Look forward for some psytrance, and experimental tunes.